A Look Back On The First Sintezis Startup Mixer

It felt almost surreal when our CEO Bagi came that Monday and said that the first Sintezis Startup Mixer should take place in less than three days! Although we are pretty used to his “out of the box” ideas, we must confess that
we were sceptical about this one.

Last-minute preps paid off well

Has anyone ever organized an event in less than three days? Well, Sintezis Startup Studio Limited did! 😉 As we were sending invites a day before the event, we were unsure if anyone would show up at all, and it was a real torture for our marketing girls. Bagi, on the other hand, was cool like the Fonz*! And with good reason, because we filled the seats in the hall without any problems, and we even passed this adventure without the “I told you so” moment.

So, it seems that the boss’s decree did the job, and we have to say: Sorry, Bagi, for not believing in you! You are, without any question, the best organizer of last-minute con ferences. 🙂

People and stories that made us laugh

Our first keynote speaker was Sandro Kraljević, Master of Psychology, Certified NLP Master and NLP Coach, Founder, Owner and Director of Mind Lab.

Sandro did a presentation, Top 5 IT problems for non-IT founders“. He provided valuable insight into what it is like to be a part of a website development project through the eyes of a client. If you are interested in what it means when a developer tells you, it is not a smart move because it will “concrete the door” – hire Sandro to speak at your conference. But please try to announce it and book him at least a few weeks in advance! 

Following Sandro, Equinox’s fantastic duo, BFFs since 1999, Ivan Voras, and Saša Ilišević took over the stage and explained how to quarrel in a startup and remain friends. They also discussed the “statute of the decree” that our Bagi loves to practice. Boys, please do not give him any more ideas for the Love of God!

Our speakers gave us a lot to think about, and we want to thank them for taking the time out of their busy schedules and making the first Sintezis Startup Mixer entertain ing and educational!

Small But Big Impact for Sisak Moslavina County

Thanks to you, we raised HRK 3,600.00 from ticket sales. Sintezis doubled it to HRK 7,500.00, and it all went to the Sloga Volunteer Network and forwarded to family in need in Mošćenica. BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came and purchased the ticket to support individuals affected by the earthquake.

See you at the next mixer?

We want to thank everyone who took part in the first Sintezis Startup Mixer in any form. All the attendees, presenters, participants, friends, family, associates, and Big Mama Pub crew for an outstanding job!

If you didn’t manage to join us and wanted to, don’t despair because Bagi has big ambitious plans for new events that you will be able to attend. Just make sure to press the attend button on time.

To Be Continued…