How to build a successful team

Reading Time: 5 minutes How to Build a Successful Team – Finding the right talent I think we can all agree that building a team is often the most draining part of founding a business. Nobody who has ever scaled a business from the ground up did it alone. Your company success depends on finding the right people, whose […]

Being a product designer

Reading Time: 2 minutes BEING A PRODUCT DESIGNER    In the last decade, the product design industry drove significant shifts and changes. These changes have created an exciting new opportunity for creative individuals ; To Become A Product Designer.   There are many fancy names for PD (Experience Designer – XD, Information Architect – IA, Interaction Designer – IX, Experience Architect – […]

Sintezis Dashboard

Reading Time: 4 minutes SINTEZIS DASHBOARD AN ECO-SYSTEM OF APPS, PROTOCOLS AND METHODOLOGIES WE USE IN OURDAY-TO-DAY OPERATIONS  Starting a company from a scratch is not an easy task! You need to decide on your business idea, have a solid business plan ready, hire the right people, organize your processes and daily routine with clients and staff while making […]

Dump the office desk

Reading Time: 5 minutes Remote work culture is growing faster than ever before and it is indubitably moving from being an exception to a norm, and from the future of work to the present. It is clearly a trending and hot topic nowadays, but is remote working right for you? Have you often felt the pain of noisy coworkers, […]

We failed plenty so you don’t have to

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hi there! And welcome.  I guess it’s a weird thing seeing a company introduction blog post stating “we failed plenty” in the title, but crazy enough our entire business model is based on that premise.  Let me explain a bit.  Most of us have been working as some form of software developer or a designer, or […]