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Sintezis Product Design Process Stages


In the last decade, the product design industry drove significant shifts and changes. These changes have created an exciting new opportunity for creative individuals ; To Become A Product Designer.
There are many fancy names for PD (Experience Designer – XD, Information Architect – IA, Interaction Designer – IX, Experience Architect – XA, User Interface Designer – UI, User Experience Designer – UX), but at its core, we are primarily problem solvers.
In that sense, an ideal candidate is a person with an open mind and imaginationbut also a person with a strong technical background
and the ability to analyze the existing user journeys and find new ways to fix and/or improve them.
People often ask me what kind of skills/certifications/education they need to
possess to get started and to be completely honest there are so many talented
designers out there who have never set foot in a design college or even joined in on any online courses. On the other hand, there are so many individuals who went through it and came out even stronger, so it all comes down to you and your learning process.
Not all designers know they want to be designers. Sometimes it just happens because of certain circumstances; people you meet, projects you work on… For me, it happened during my studies when I noticed shortcomings in various interface solutions and imagined how to improve them.
That passion led me here today!
So, in case you are wondering where to start let me help you with some basic information and facts regarding the Product Design ProcessDownload the short guide from the link below and get started today.

2021 / 03 / 23

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