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What is Proof of Concept and why do You need it?

20 January, 2021

What is Proof of Concept and why do You need it? Proof of Concept is also known as a Proof of Principle. The term has been in use since 1967. In a 1969 hearing of the Committee on Science and Astronautics, Subcommittee on Advanced Research and Technology, Proof of Concept was defined as follows: The […]


16 December, 2020

AN ECO-SYSTEM OF APPS, PROTOCOLS AND METHODOLOGIES WE USE IN OURDAY-TO-DAY OPERATIONS Starting a company from a scratch is not an easy task! You need to decide on your business idea, have a solid business plan ready, hire the right people, organize your processes and daily routine with clients and staff while making sure everyone […]

SnapLink – Snap your fingers and problem solved!

26 November, 2020

This one goes for all developers out there. How many of you are trying to build a social network or just having issues with generating essential data from a website? How many of you are posting or exporting horrible-looking links just because you don’t have the time to deal with them atm? Hell, you have […]

Digital Transformation – From Flintstones to Jetsons!

29 June, 2020

The new normal… Sitting in a comfortable armchair/gaming chair with an embarrassingly large cup of coffee wearing the coziest sweatshirt and working from home. For us at Sintezis this is pretty much a standard daily environment.  However, for a large number of people this is far from their typical work day and with the current […]

Is it time for you to start working remotely?

Dump the office desk

29 June, 2020

Remote work culture is growing faster than ever before and it is indubitably moving from being an exception to a norm, and from the future of work to the present. It is clearly a trending and hot topic nowadays, but is remote working right for you? Have you often felt the pain of noisy coworkers, […]

We failed plenty so you don’t have to

29 June, 2020

​Hi there! And welcome.  I guess it’s a weird thing seeing a company introduction blog post stating “we failed plenty” in the title, but crazy enough our entire business model is based on that premise.  Let me explain a bit.  Most of us have been working as some form of software developer or a designer, or […]

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