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How to Build a Successful Team – Finding the right talent


I think we can all agree that building a team is often the most draining part of founding a business. Nobody who has ever scaled a business from the ground up did it alone. Your company success depends on finding the right people, whose skills and experience align with your vision.

Also, hiring the right employees is important but not enough. For your business to be successful you will have to shape those people into a “winning team”.

Here are my top 6 tips for building a winning team:

1. Understand the strengths of each individual.

Remember, all of your potential employees are unique. They all come from a variety of backgrounds. They all have different personalities, hopes and dreams, and therefore quite different ideas about how to do their jobs..

2. Identify your needs.

Make sure to identify roles based on the needs of your business and the other staff within it. So, think of what you need before hiring.

3. Value each position.

Every single person/position within your company brings something to the table, and everyone has some impact on the success of your business.Create a culture where each employee feels that their job matters and that they matter.

4. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Encourage communication and provide feedback. Give every team member a voice, regardless of the discussion. When people are involved with discussions, they feel more attached to the outcome which then leads to better performance.

5. Set clear goals.

Give people a purpose. Set clear short and long-term goals with every individual. Having goals outlines expectations but is also a good motivator for everyone involved.

6. Explain your vision – do not keep it to yourself!

Inform your team about what you are aiming for and help them to understand the goals of your company. Describe your business plan, talk about the culture you want to build, showcase your customers, prospects and partners and lead by example

“The three most important ways to lead people are: by example… by example… by example.”

Albert Schweitzer

Also, do not forget to treat your employees with some form of team building from time to time. Being social and knowing those around you helps you to build a better team.

In the House or Open Playground

Nowadays, there are several ways on how you can build a strong team. As long as you have a clear vision of what exactly you are looking for you do not have to hire a full-time person for every new requirement. You can also cooperate with freelancers and/or agencies. If you are a startup at an early stage of development, you will probably try to take care of some on your own. From my experience, each method has certain advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look!


Well, here is a tricky one. DIYers sometimes learn the hard way that hiring a pro would be a far better solution. On the other hand, if you are an expert in the field it could work and it could save you a lot of time. For instance, if your day job is iOS/app development, then, by all means, do the App, but if it is some complicated database stuff, and you have no idea on how and whereto start; Hire a pro bro!

Sure, it is not nuclear physics and yes, you can learn it, but it will take timeand you cannot call yourself an expert after reading few articles andwatching few YouTube videos. Not to mention potential security issues. Also,do you have time to master a new skill? And would it be smarter to spendyour time on something more useful? From my experience do it yourself onlyif you know what you are doing, because;Time Is Money!

Freelancer vs Employee

The freelancer vs. employee dilemma is something employers at large companies generally pay attention to as part of their tax strategy – to save
money. It is not something small service business owners give much thought to. But perhaps it is time to pay special attention to this as there are certain benefits and disadvantages to both freelancers and employees.The distinction between freelancer and an employee, at times, gets a bit fuzzy, and it is especially important to know and understand the difference.

Who is a freelancer?

In simple terms a freelancer is a self-employed person who pays their income tax, usually does not have any employees, and has full control over their work and hours. Freelancer does not receive any benefits from the companies they work on project basis.

Who is an employee?

An employee works for one company on a permanent salary and is entitled to certain benefits which are automatically taken from their paycheck.When looking it like this it seems freelancers come in cheaper than full-time employees, but is that the case? They might even give you a better price, but in many cases, the timeline will be longer as they work simultaneously on multiple projects at the time. So, did you save any money if it took 6 months, instead of 2 weeks? Not really…

At Sintezis we cooperate with many freelancers, but primarily on a project basis. When a new employment opportunity arises, I usually do quick research to see what I would gain/lose in both combinations and collect multiple offers to do comparisons.

Do not just price shop– Check the delivery timeline, milestones, engagement, communication tools and make an informed decision. In some scenarios, you will find a freelancer more suitable, and in some, you will see hiring a full-time employee is the way to go!



Having worked both agency and client-side throughout my career, I believe many benefits come out of working with an agency. However, the decision should not be taken lightly and before anything always ask yourself the following questions:

How will you fund the agency?

Know upfront what type of fee structure would suit your business the best.

Who will manage the agency?

Identify a core team and key contact responsible for managing the agency. What is the scope of work? Define the main areas that the agency will be responsible for. From my experience, one of the best things about hiring an Agency is that they do the work and you just collect! Like a boss! You do not need to think about the talent, various processes, steps, organization, etc. Hiring an agency might be a bit expensive but If the Agency does the job, they saved you months on finding the right people and educating them already. And on certain occasions, that might just be a price to pay!

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